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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides assistance in more than 70 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political affiliation.

The Medical Department of the Operational Centre Brussels (OCB) is composed of polyvalent medical staff working in operational cells and experts working outside these cells. The experts cover the following domains: emergency medical support, epidemiology, health promotion/anthropology, HIV/AIDS, nursing care, infection control, antibiotic resistance (ABR), microbiology, laboratory, vector-borne diseases, medical data management, medical devises/logistics, mental health, nutrition, operational research (OR) and documentation, pharmacy, sexual/reproductive health, surgery/anaesthesia, tuberculosis, vaccination & environmental health.

Operational research and documentation are an integral part of the medical department activities. There are two relatively autonomous units conducting operational research. The LUXOR unit, which is based in Luxembourg and Brussels, with core activities including operational research capacity building and a focus on research linked to a non-HIV/TB related agenda. The second unit is the SAMU unit based in South Africa which focuses on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. More information can be found on: and

In 2015 the Intersectional ABR Task Force was formed, with the recruitment of an ABR Referent and, Microbiologist Referent within MSF-OCB. The ABR strategy developed by the Task Force is based on a multidisciplinary approach that includes three pillars and transversal axes: the three pillars are Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), antibiotic stewardship (AS) and diagnosis & surveillance, the transversal axes are health promotion, analysis and advocacy, monitoring & evaluation, operational research and environmental health.

The prospects 2020-2023 will focus on the following three objectives:

1.Improve patient care outcomes

2.Mitigate adverse consequences of antibiotic misuse (resistance, side effects, unnecessary costs etc.)

3.Avoid the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in our health facilities

In order to achieve these objectives, knowledge and expertise needs to be built, and baseline evidence needs to be gathered, which can be done through operational research and documentation activities. Therefore we are looking for a support on operational research to strengthen the team.


The Coordinator of LuxOR is the overall medical department reference person in regard to guiding global policy and strategic aspects of operational research in OCB and provides overall guidance to team members.

The Program Officer is responsible for team management, support to the epidemiologist pool and allocation of HR related to operational research. She is also responsible for linkage between LuxOR, Operations and the Medical Department in Brussels.

The Medical unit in Lebanon hosts different positions (focusing on ABR): Regional epidemiologist, MIO infection control, referents on ABR and Microbiology, International Office pharma and so as well soon, the OR MIO on ABR and a medical advocacy position. It is very important that they will all work synergistically on the ABR research portfolio.

The OR MIO on ABR will have a close interaction with the LuxOR and SAMU team members, and will also work with field teams in various locations as well as involvement in activities of the OCB Medical Department. H/she will report to the LuxOR Program Officer.


Review/draft operational research study protocols and provide technical and editorial support to comply with MSF Ethics Review Board (ERB) requirements for submission for ethical clearance through the appropriate channels. Critically review new study protocols.

Provide editorial and manuscript writing support for publication, policy briefs, and other documentation (programme descriptions/advocacy pieces) according to an agreed platform of delegated responsibility between existing members of the Operational Research team

Support advanced data analysis and provide statistical support for operational research databases.

Drive the Operational Research agenda on ABR by active participation in the ABR circle of the medical department.

Conduct field visits (up to 70% of the 1 year contract) to selected projects as deemed important by the LuxOR coordination and referents.

Be involved with setting up capacity building sessions on operational research through SORT-IT courses, as needed (


Medical or para-medial profile with public health background and operations experience either in MSF, another NGO or havingworked in the context of health systems in a developing country.

Practical experience in developing both quantitative and qualitative study design and use of statistical software packages (EpiInfo, EpiData and STATA) or similar.

High capacity/potential in scientific writing and data analysis.

Specific training or degree and practical competences in (clinical) microbiology, laboratory, infectious diseases and infection control would be a strong asset.

Very high level of spoken and written English.

Spoken and written French is an asset.


A high degree of work autonomy, team interaction and diplomacy is required

Ability to adapt to changing circumstances, contexts, tasks, responsibilities and people.

Ability to handle large volumes of work under pressure, tracking multiple projects or activities, and to deliver quality outputs within deadlines

Proactivity and leadership capacity to drive operational research

Flexibility for travel at short notice.


One year contract – based in Beirut, Lebanon

Full time position – 70% of the time in the field

Mobile/Flying contract (salary according to MSF-Lebanon salary scale + legal leaves + recuperation leave for time spend in the field)

Medical cover (including hospitalization)

Frequent travel required (to Brussels and to the field)

Contract start date : ASAP

Application deadline: November 30th, 2019

Candidate application must include a CV and a cover letter. Please apply through e-mail at the following address: and precise the position reference when applying: "ABR Beirut"

If you require more information on the position you can contact the LuxOR Program Officer, Veerle Hermans:

Date limite de dépôt de candidatures
30 November 2019